I’m one of those people who needs to know why I’m doing something. How what I’m doing plays a part in achieving a bigger goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s my goal or that of a group or business. I just need and want to know at least a little about the mechanics of how what I’m doing works and fits into the big picture. While I’ve always tried to eat right and stay reasonably fit, fitness as a central theme in my life just never happened. When I read Robert Davis’ new book “Fitter Faster,” I figured out why.

Lot’s of Programs, No Explanations

From magazines, to infomercials, to the latest workout fads, there’s an endless list of programs, books, and videos that claim to be the way to get fitter in short order. Zumba. Tabata. BeachBody. No Excuses. LiveFit. Blueprint. I don’t know that any of them are better or worse than others. But I’ve actually tried a few of them myself. Each time, I lost interest and wandered off. Why? Because I lacked understanding of why I was doing what they were asking me to do. I got sore. And I suppose on some level I knew there was a connection between me, now, and the me I had visions of becoming, but it was fuzzy at best. “Fitter Faster” has changed that. And that’s what makes this book a must-have if you are really committed to, as the subtitle says, get in shape in just minutes a day.

Fitter Faster

fitter faster cover

Davis spends the first half of the book explaining what works, what doesn’t, and, for me, the all-important “why.” Rather that just toss another fitness routine at you, he builds a knowledge foundation that actually motivates you. You’re not just doing. You’re doing with an understanding of how and why it all fits together. “Fitter Faster” is a fitness plan that’s based around HIIT, or high intensity interval training. It’s well-illustrated, adaptable, and can be done without becoming a gym rat. At home, if you like. If you’re ready to get fit, get the book. As Nike says, Just Do It. http://www.mscareergirl.com/2017/07/09/can-really-get-fitter-faster/

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