August already?

Wasn’t it just yesterday we were longing for Summer’s arrival? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the hours on my clock and the days on my calendar are clicking off faster and faster every year.

So the key words in my question are “did you notice?” Because it’s so easy to get caught up in the hurriedness of life that sometimes we miss its passing.

The last couple years, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to such things. Paying attention to more of the moments of life as they go by.

What awakened my awareness was my Mom having a sudden and severe stroke. As she lay in the hospital bed, I held her hand, and realized it might be “the last time.”

She fought a valiant fight to recover, but ultimately lost the battle. It was the afternoon of July 18 that I had one of those unexplainable feelings that her time was up. So gratefully I took the opportunity to, again, hold her hand. For the last time. She passed away very early the next morning.

This has been a vivid reminder to stay conscious of much more of the passing moments of life. It’s increased the value of each moment immensely.


So, what’s happened in your life so far this summer?

What plans lay ahead? How many of the precious moments of your life have you taken note of? And, did you catch any of those “last times” that went ever so quietly by?

“Living in the present moment” is much more than a silly cliche. It truly is a way of being alive in a whole new way. And realizing that, because of the unique rarity of each moment, it is priceless.

So, how about it? How about catching some of your life’s “last times” as August drifts by? You won’t regret it. And you’ll have treasures of the heart more valuable than you can imagine. Treasures that no one can ever take away.

And to my Mom . . . Rest in peace. I love you.