In Light of Being Short One iPhone

Does Snapchat work on iPad?

Having my phone stolen Saturday night has taught me a lot of lessons, and to fill the empty void in my hand I thought I’d share them all because of course.

  1. First and foremost, and a rookie mistake, do not use a simple snap purse at a crowded bar because of obvious reasons.
  2. “Find My iPhone” only works if you can remember your password.
  3. Turns out you can’t snapchat about your missing phone without said phone.
  4. Phantom Phone Syndrome is no joke.
  5. Holding onto your old iPod Touch 4 comes in handy until you start to use it and then quickly remember why the rest of the world stopped using it.
  6. Spotify is wonderful and should not be taken for granted [see answer 5]
  7. I just reached for my phone again so…
  8. When asking the office of your apartment to call you when your new phone is delivered, don’t give them your cell number to call.
  9. If you try to be smart and think “I’ll just log onto iCloud on my mac” then track that thought right back home because iCloud will text a verification code. To your phone.
  10. … And because you don’t have a phone, you can’t receive that text.
  11. …This includes Outlook 365 honestly whatever happened to emailing a verification code. Way to assume the user experience.
  12. In the end, the people at [wireless store] will judge you regardless, so go ahead and roll in with your dirty sweats and Gatorade, they know.

</end of rant>