The Mighty Ducks Influencer I Never Knew I Needed

A Sartorial Argument for Charlie Conway

If we’re being honest, I can’t help but give a little eye-roll every time I pass a “paid partnership” post on my Instagram feed. True, I can’t be too mad at this — no one is forcing me to follow these people after all — but just the same I feel uneasy knowing many of these influencers whom I had once admired for their vision are now being bought out for corporate sponsorship.

A bit ironic, as some style bloggers who were once taste-makers of anti-mainstream and independent style have since fostered a relationship in which they will wear and promote pieces for paid advertisements, which, in turn, no longer makes the style original.

The art of curating pieces that express one’s individuality feels tainted, making it harder for me to trust that I’m getting that honest innovation and style exploration which I originally clicked “follow” for.

Putting these pent up feelings aside for a moment, I’m left with one thought: Are there any unadulterated influencers out there whose unyielding style I can turn to in this time of sartorial distress?

As any millennial would in critical times such as these, I recently turned to that wondrous land of nostalgia via The Mighty Ducks on Netflix to escape my style woes. Nostalgia, with all its unwavering wisdom and solace, bestowed on me a gift so pure of taste.

Enter, Charlie Conway.

Charlie Conway, my favorite, yet admittedly at times forgotten childhood crush, is the sartorial inspiration I never knew I needed. As the unofficial leader and biggest heart of his hockey team, he navigates his adolescent years with a self-awareness and understanding of his own principles that’s repeatedly illustrated through his signature lewk.

Screenshot from The Mighty Ducks

A lewk, that individual style which can only be achieved from such an understanding, is something to be admired as it flawlessly skates through the ever-changing fashion climate without losing its identity.

Screenshot from The Mighty Ducks

Never overstated, his nonchalant attitude is reflected in a reoccurring taboo of mixed plaids and un-kept layers that harmoniously come together in a way that would make any current influencer envious. These personable layers invite the opportunity to think independently from the sponsored mainstream by allowing them a voice that speaks for itself.

Screenshot from The Mighty Ducks

Charlie’s unique approach to mixing an array of textures, colors, and plaids screams originality in this quickly tired age of the must-have instabait pieces making him the inspiration I’ve been looking for. His style calls for the curation of pieces that go beyond the “spons” and “drops” for something far more personal, and honestly I’m here for it.