Why Solo-Concert Going is a Delight

Treat yo-self to yo-self

Nothing personal to my friends, but when I told you that I was going to see Harry Styles all by my lonesome because the only paired tickets during pre-sale I could get were in the nosebleeds (looking at you, Ticketmaster’s random seat selection), it was only partially true.

I actually just wanted to go alone.

It’s a great thing to go out and do things with friends, and for obvious reasons. Sharing experiences with others builds bonds, great memories, and also gives you someone to talk to while you scroll through Instagram, again. I mean that is what life’s all about, right?

All that aside, there’s something to be said about liberating yourself from the expectations and desires of others, allowing yourself to fully submerge into something without it being tainted by another’s enjoyment or lack thereof. The amount of times in my life I’ve settled on what to eat or where to sit simply to avoid the discomfort when there’s even a hint of disagreement is not a number I’m proud of.

Like it or not, I’m a people pleaser, and as time has proved has mostly resulted in negative consequences on myself. Over the years I’ve learned to speak up for myself and express my opinion on various decisions, but even still I find myself cautiously suggesting ideas all the while hoping my friend/family member/bumble date won’t hate me for being the source of their displeasure.

About a year ago I started to go to various shows alone. It started out as a concert no one else wanted to go to, then a movie I bought a ticket for last minute, but quickly grew into something greater.

This time was purely mine. I could show up when I wanted. Stand where I wanted. Dance how I wanted. Leave how and when I wanted. It’s a vulnerable and liberating time that everyone should gift themselves with at least once.

So, on June 24, 2018, I walked out of my apartment headed towards metro into the late summer sun with “Kiwi” playing like my personal soundtrack in a John Hughes film.

After waiting on the platform for the metro to arrive, I boarded by myself, but with likeminded souls who were no doubt headed to Capital One Arena as well (shoutout Harry fam). We exited together, soon finding ourselves amongst a mob of 20-somethings in Gallery Place.

Earplugs still playing I waited in line by myself. Moved through security by myself.

I immediately went to the merch line and picked out the shirt and poster I had decided on online earlier that day.

Finally making it to my seat, I entered section 106. “Down the stairs to your left,” I was told. My seat was just five rows back from the smaller stage Harry would no doubt come out to later.

I went to the bottom and asked a girl to take my photo. She missed my boots and the main stage, but that’s alright. I’m just impressed I asked a stranger. I’ve never done that before.

Back at my seat I waited, forcing myself to stay off my phone as much as possible to observe it all as a mother and daughter sat down next to me. We began to chat, the girl was in college.

“Did you come by yourself?” She asked. “Yup, I just wanted to come alone” I replied.

As Harry Styles slowly appeared, I screamed alongside 18,277 others.