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The school specifically targeted him and made him the center of bullying. They could have simply told him privately but no they made it something so much bigger than it really is. They didn’t expell him but they still kicked him out of school. All they cared about was the accurate image that was now being portrayed, the bad publicity is warranted. On their website its says that they value the “uniqness, diginity of the individual and the well being of the entire CBHS community” except if you’re gay. Then your uniquness, dignity and well being doesn’t matter at all because even though you are a human you are below us because you happen to be attracted to the same gender as yourself. That is the message they are sending, it is neither Christain or in general a good message. If you want to be fucking religous then you have to put aside your personal beliefes and realize that treating people like fucking shit isn’t going to get you into fucking Heaven. Being Christain is suppose to all around make communities kinda and loving places to all people regardless of beliefes and lifestyles. Its not about hurting and daming others, which is exactly what this school to this boy.

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