Contemporary Practitioner: Chelle Chan Cheuk Hei

Chelle Chan is a Hong Kong base photographer. She graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University majoring Fashion Design. With her great fashion sense and detail consciousness, it brings her to be the first in-house female photographer works for Lane Crawford ( from 2011 to 2014. She also worked for Adidas Neo, Adidas Originals.

Adidas Neo, Adidas Originals (Source: Chelle C, 2017)
Lane Crawford (Source: Chelle C, 2017)

Apart from doing commercial photography in fashion, Chelle also does a variety of photography: pre-wedding, food, travel, magazine and commissioned photography. There are many images classified in different sectors for people to view.

From her work, we can see that she mainly works with women. Same as Rui, with women’s perspective, Chelle shows the beauty of women perfectly, her work shows the sense of warm and relax. Although her work is very colorful, they all looks very soft, clear and neat. This is the style I wanted to show in my work as well.

(Source: Chelle C, 2017)

Chelle graduated in Fashion Design, she has developed her career very well in a variety of photography. She makes me think back over on myself. Although I enjoy working in a studio and do the commercial documentary for families, pregnant women, and babies and this is what I want to develop my career. As a photographer who graduated with a Photography degree, I think I should think bigger and escape the comfort zone, experiment and develop more skills to expend my abilities in photography.

Indoor and outdoor wedding photography by Chelle (Source: Chelle C, 2017)

About her website:

The first impression is neat, clean and positive. Because it is with a white background, images stand out very well. I also like she put all the image in a grid, it allows audience have a quick look on what’s the project is about. For the index which is at the top of the website, I think it is a clever way to listed out in a row and let people know what she has done and her abilities in one sight.

The home page of (Source: Chelle C, 2017)
Images in grid (Source: Chelle C, 2017)

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