Guest Speaker (Mark Edwards) ;9th Nov 2016

Mark Edwards’s work focuses on the landscape that he encounters on a regular basis, the simple beauty of both natural and men made things. The works he produced focus on a subject matter which is personal and universal. Besides, his works do not represent landscapes of the sublime but of the overlooked and the everyday.

He works with a 10 x 8-inch view camera in order to capture the stillness and the most intricate of details. It also allows him to do photography slowly, give him time to think and consider how to produce good photographs. He said he doesn’t like using Photoshop to alter images, he prefers re-photograph and re-photograph until he satisfied with the result.

Most of the series from Mark Edwards are taken from where he lives, places contain time and memories. He looks at places where on the edges of somewhere, places that people overlooked every day. He uses photographs to present life being lived and use his patient with a large format camera to respond to the world around him. He repeatedly revisits and often thinks about these places for up to twelve months before I take the photograph.

Mark Edwards works responds to the tradition of British landscape painting and he has been influenced by Stephen Shore, who also did large-format pictures and use pictures to create the world that seems so every day, but contains elements of transcendent beauty that obliterating anything was undertaken. Both of Mark Edwards and Stephen Shore they use the power of photography to show the overlooked world and things people see granted in a different way.

Mark Edwards ‘The View From Here’

The View From Here (2009–2011)

Stephen Shore ‘Scotland’

County of Sutherland, Scotland (1988)

In both series of works, images are all in the same/ similar tone, brightness, and exposure; it is very important to keep the consistency to show the link between the images. From their work, I can feel the stillness, calmness from the landscape and the power of the large format camera. Those photographs remind me to pay more attention to the environment and things around us every day. In the future, I will like to use my photographs to awake people’s awareness in the daily life, which is which is personal and universal in order to cause the resonance from the audience.


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Mark Edwards (2009–2011) The View From Here [Photograph]

Stephen Shore (1988) County of Sutherland, Scotland [Photograph]

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