Personal Develop Plan

First version

After the review session with my tutor, there are some changes. First of all is the order of objective setting changed.

  • Before start to create a personal website, I will need to have a certain quantity of works to put on it. Therefore, ‘Create a personal website’ need to move to the last of the objectives
  • ‘Improve my studio skills’ moved to the first of the objective and ‘ Contact the journalism course to gain more working experience’ moved to the third objective. As I will need to start to develop and enhance my studio skills and also increase my works in order to build up a portfolio
Second version
  • Career Aspirations

My goal is to become a professional photographer. On one hand, the main area I will like to work is in a studio and do the commercial documentary for families, pregnant women and babies. On the other hand, for the side project, I will like to use my knowledge to raise social awareness and use photography to respond to the society.

After changed the objectives I also made some adjustment in performance development plan and goals as well to fit the objective.

The plan might change during the working process. Therefore, I evidenced this in the blog and will update it if there are any changes.

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