Studio Shooting: Pregnancy Photography on 24 March 2017

Although this was not my first time to shot in a studio, it was the first time I worked with more than one person, pregnant women and a family. When doing this kind of photography, apart from lighting, poses is one of the main factors. Therefore, I did a lot of research about pregnancy photography and use it as a reference.

I shared three albums through Facebook with the family in advance

In order to let the family have a good preparation in physical and mental, I shared the research with them in advance. It also allows them to brainstorm on what they want to do before they went to the studio.

Other than that, based on the research I have done, I also did a checklist for them as a reference to decide what kind of stuff they wanted to bring for the shooting.

Behind the scene

It went very well on that day. Because I don’t know how long it will take, I booked the studio from 9:30–4:00. I went to the studio and set up all the lighting and wait for them to come. We started the shooting at 11:00 and ended at around 12:30. Because pregnant women feel tired easily, the shooting time was shorter than I expected. Luckily, I was able to photograph something we both satisfied.

Although I am a friend of this couple, they were still a bit shy and unnatural at the beginning. After changed a few poses, they relaxed a bit and act more natural. This is also the first time I did a photo shot in an infinity studio, it acts like a huge portal cube. The advantage is it provides a very wide space for the model to move around and they can still stay in the background. It is good for a large group of people to do photo shooting. But the disadvantage is there is no color backdrop in an infinity studio, therefore, the background color in all the images is the same in white. What I can do is to do post-processing in Photoshop if I want a background in different color, but it requires skills and a lot of time to do it.

For the post-processing in Photoshop, I asked the couple if they would like me to do some editing on their puffy eyes, dark circles and flaws on skin or they would like to keep it natural, they choose edit. Therefore, I spent a lot of time on editing. After I edited an image and I compared it with the original one, it shows a big different. It shows the importance of editing. This is also the reason why people charge a lot on post-processing.

To conclude, it is a very good experience to work with pregnent women and a family. No matter in the preparation process or in the studio, I learned a lot from it.

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