21 Slogans better than a “Better Deal”

I applaud the effort of Democrats to pursue a bold and affirmative agenda. It just so happens they missed the bold part, are lacking the spirit of affirmation, and are yet to really have a bold agenda beyond finding ways to say what they are against in new rhetorical spins. And so a first run at a new New Deal (hasn’t this been tried before?) is amiss.

The impulse isn’t wrong. And rather than just complain or wax about how they just need a new superman or wonderwoman, I wanting to expend a few minutes trying to help. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Fire Trump, Rehire America
  • Steady wins the race
  • Serious times call for serious people
  • A brighter future
  • Everyone in, everyone can win
  • American values in action
  • Governing well is better than a good slogan
  • Time for a clean slate
  • America uncompromised
  • We can do better
  • Remember what we have to lose
  • Repair, restore, reimagine
  • Hope is still the right direction
  • By the people, for the people
  • We hold these truths . . .
  • Tomorrow can be better than today
  • We must do better
  • The world is watching
  • Asking something of one another
  • Remembering the promises of America
  • Accepting a sacred trust