Digital Redlining After Trump: Real Names + Fake News on Facebook
Tressie McMillan Cottom

I’m sort of confused by this — the issue is that FB doesn’t’t allow pseudonyms (which is obviously a problem in some cases), right? So, am I right in understanding that what happened is that someone disagreed with your politics, saw you were using a pseudonym, reported you out of spite (probably) and you lost your accounts because you’re in violation of FB policy?

Isn’t the core problem here that either FB needs to change that policy or you need to use your real name? But it’s not like what happened is surprising or egregious given the long-term policies of FB? And doesn’t FB have a way to register a less personal account? Like can’t you just create the McPhd group and use that as your platform and use your TMC real-name account for personal stuff?

There’s a thesis in there too that all of this favors some groups over others? I read the article twice — it’s quite good — but I can’t see where you explain why you’re saying that. Is this something that has already been well established and I’m just not aware? I’m trying to wrap my head around how the mechanism would stratify and I’m having trouble.

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