Arming The Public

There are 3.5 times the number of Gun Dealers than Post Offices in the state of Florida.

The Florida mass shooting by NRA logic should not have happened. When will the public start holding representatives accountable?

Fact of the matter — I don’t believe this is terrorism other than being terrifying. The real terrorist are organizations such as the NRA and politicians (who shall remain unnamed) who use this tragedy to terrify the public.

The man behind this act Omar Mateen, a US citizen dreamed up the idea and hurt a lot of people . My guess, he was repressing something (hmm what could that be? he could not reconcile with his religious beliefs. Even if he were a mole was brainwashed! Either way not altogether in the head. Simply put he was just a cray guy doing the unthinkable. Unthinkable being a very difficult act to prevent not without limiting individual freedom in some way that being its the greater good.

Here is my question, how did this guy get the guns? I think the answer is, easily. As far as the act itself I imagine that was easy too, once out the front door he was doing something bad.

What is not surprising when it should be is that we won’t learn from this. Laws won’t change that address it, if anything lawmakers will push to make it worse. By comparison in 1996 when Australia confronted a mass shooting they made an effort to mitigate future tragedies. As a result they haven’t had a mass shooting since. Citizens gave up the privilege (it is still a privilege, health care is a right) to own guns. Simply put the majority of the public felt guns weren’t making life safer.

Here in the U.S. thats just not going to happen without a serious fight. People here don’t give a damn about strangers until it effects them. No matter what gun owners say firearms are an offensive weapon when in the hands of its citizenry while defensive in the hands of law enforcement. These acts are a surprise event. No one knows when, where , how or who is doing it until it goes down. By the time the dust settles law enforcement are too late. Even if the owners of Pulse had guns they aren’t going to indiscriminately shoot. And anyone else nearby is going to leave it to the police.

Most people even with guns don’t wear them and if they are responsible the gun is in a safe. It’s more likely the gun they own will be used on themselves or a loved one. So the argument for guns is left to a armed rebellion against the government. So to tell you but As much as these assault rifles will kill a club full of unarmed party goers it an’t going to make a dent against the US Military. Leaving the only real reason to own a gun on the table, because they like them. Unfortunately that’s not a good enough reason.

For those who say a gun ban means only criminals will have them should rethink that statement. I’m not suggesting state by state legislation either I’m talking federal law nationwide. Even with a robust black market the price would be out of reach for most criminals. In Australia to by an AR 15 runs about $15,000. Meanwhile how would you go about finding a seller. Do you think Adam Lanza could pull that off. For those in states that boarder Mexico well that would be a monumental task for law enforcement and would take time. Truth be told most of the weapons used by Mexican gangs were purchased here in the US.

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