Dear MSC token holders, due to market sentiment, and in order to develop the MSCP Ecosystem better, the MSC Protocol development team has decided to stop the 1.5% minting of the $MSC on 2:00 PM UTC, September 20, 2022.

The MSC Protocol development team will continue to provide services for the majority of users and will continue to create value for the MSCP ecosystem.

Watch out for the comeback of a new and improved MSC Protocol!



Financial Reminder

Invest the extra money from your income and keep sufficient liquidity to meet the daily needs.

With minimum of 1000MSC startup. Less than 20U needed to invest.

If you want PASSIVE INCOME, join MSC Protocol today!

Unlock earning potentials and opportunities with MSC Protocol.

Let your wallet grow!



MSC Token Holders, we have designed a Twitter banner for you to use.

Display this banner on your Twitter profile cover banner to show your support for #MSCProtocol and spread the word about our awesome project.

Tag @msc_protocol and invite 3 friends at the pinned post to follow @msc_protocol.

We will be giving epic MSC tokens to the most liked comment below.

5 eligible winners will be randomly chosen to win 1000, 600, 300, 150, 50 MSC tokens.

Event will run until Sept. 16. 2022 at 12:00PM UTC.