How to Fix Unable to Connect the Proxy Server?

• If you are using Google Chrome it says unable to connect to the proxy server so basically, any website you go to if you have this issue it displays the same error can connect a proxy server.

• A proxy server acts within your home network and online service to undertaking to connect.

• One of the advantages of proxy servers is the relative invisibility they have the funds for Internet users.

• We have seen an increasing number of extensions who will change the proxy settings of the machine without the user permit.

• For example: When this malicious extension is installed, whenever you will try to load a web page with Google Chrome, you will see an “Unable to connect to the proxy server”. Apart from this unwanted proxy change, when infected with this malicious program,

Other common symptoms include:

• If you are visiting Advertise banners are injected within the web pages.

• Randomly web page text is turned into hyperlinks.

• Browser popup appears while recommending some of the fake updates or software’s.

• Some unwanted programs might get installed without the user knowledge.

• You should always pay attention when you are installing the software. Because some of the software installers include optional installs too.

• Always optional for the custom installation and deselect anything that is not familiar, especially optional software that you need not download and install in the first.

Now you have a solution to connect the Proxy Server:

• Go to Google search page on to select the settings by scroll down.

  • It shows advanced settings right here.
  • To click the option to scroll down to till you sees network and change proxy settings.
  • Click that just to enter some address that is a valid obviously proxy server port.

• If you are using processor this will be checked so to make sure using it.

• Where you have to uncheck it now this will show up but that perfectly fine as long as you keep it unchecked or check.

If you have any issues to fix Unable to Connect the Proxy Server contact Microsoft customer support toll-free number +1–888–308–2550.