Everything wrong with Facebook’s countermove on Revenge Porn
Abhishek Anand

How about not be a dumbass and trust that any photos or videos won’t be exploited in this day and age? Young people over the last 20 years have literally been raised on exploitive, brutal porn & social media, normalized misogyny along with predatory capitalism. What this begets is an exploitive, opportunistic culture that teaches it’s citizens to prey upon one another, including with nake pics/vids. So I’d tell women to stop being stupid and trusting people so easily. Sounds cynical but real. I’ve lived over last 5 decades(ackk!#!), through the eras of 70–90’s and all the insane partying that went on. Shit happened but not nearly at the rate it does today. We weren’t exploiting each other and so frequently. It’s sad really, how we’ve become as a culture(growing on a lid of yoghurt more like). We’ve really fallen down.

So yeah, DON”T take nude pics or videos and DON”T send them to anyone. Don’t be STUPID, BE SELF-PRESERVATIVE!! Always. Sorry but it needs to be said. Women have been lied to and misled so it’s time to start undoing that damage.

Fuck facebook~ Zuckerberg is one of the greatest modern sellouts of humanity. I hope he gets prostate cancer tomorrow that eats his balls and prick out. Then goes after all the other ‘little brother’s’ helping ‘big brother to coerce and control the people. Argh.

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