Pusher Weekly Tutorial Roundup

Realtime features (notifications, chats, feeds) for apps

Featuring: Laravel, JavaScript, Node, iOS and Android.

How To Build A Laravel Chat App with Pusher

Learn how to build a Laravel chat application with Pusher. In this tutorial we will be using Vue.js, but you can choose the js framework of your choice (or even jQuery or vanilla JavaScript).

How to build a ‘who’s typing’ feature in Javascript

In this tutorial we create a chat app using Node.js and Express with Pusher, and build in a “who’s typing” feature, which displays the name or username of who is currently typing.

Build an iOS Chat App with Pusher

In this post Zan explains how to build a group chat application, and how to use Pusher to send and show realtime messages in the UI. The app we’re building is a simple chat app that uses Pusher to send and receive messages. It has two screens : a Login screen where we enter our Twitter username, and a Chat screen where we do the messaging.

Build an Activity Feed on Android with Pusher

In this tutorial, we are going to build a feed as an Android app to monitor the activity of a Node.js REST API. Every time an endpoint of the API is hit, it will publish an event with some information to a channel. This event will be received in realtime, on all the connected Android devices.

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