The Evolution of Woman.

Or is it the downfall? That’s what I wonder when I see an entire row of men sitting down and a line of women standing over them on the Chicago “L”. I mean, besides the fact that my bag is heavy and I’d much rather be sitting than hanging on for dear life on this elevated subway train, why do women have to give up their right to be treated like a lady in order to be equal to men? Suddenly my nature, being a woman who innately craves the protection and affection from a man, is now a demand or request instead of a God given hunger like the rest of the animal kingdom. Emotion is no longer a defense mechanism, but something that deems you a looney if you are unable to control. When did this happen? I’d love to visit that place in time and see what happened to the beauty of femininity. The essence of what makes me soft and tender and attracted to what was made to honor me; protect me. We’re all just watching the crown of creation wither in the fight for something we already exceed. Equality with men. Now please, get out of my seat.