When an erotica author writes a “serious” novel

Audiences have expectations. Every author knows this. It‘s true in every genre. Ultimately readers know what they like, and it’s up to us authors to deliver for them.

I have a modest but loyal readership of my two erotica books already out. Those books deliver the goods in my particular subgenre of erotica, reaching into areas that would be way out of bounds in other genres.

My new book was supposed to be along similar lines—light in tone, sexually centered, over-the-top fantastical, and erotic. But as I wrote and rewrote, my characters led me into a different story. I found myself crying and laughing as I recorded what came to be a coming out and becoming story of a 20-year-old trans woman who has a loving and supportive wife.

Would my readers accept such a serious tale? Well, I am still me, and that includes embracing the sexual side of transgender awakening. However, this also means that other readers looking for a more serious transgender woman’s tale might reject my book out of hand. Such is the lot of erotica authors.

Changing Her Mind

Changing Her Mind straddles two genres—new adult transgender coming out, and romantic transgender erotica. Will it connect with readers? I couldn’t say. I just know that this is the most sincere and moving story I’ve written in any genre.

There’s too much shaming in our culture. That erotica is considered forbidden fruit but ultraviolence is deemed acceptable to children speaks volumes about the conventional mores espoused by “leaders” of our society. Is wish it were different, but this is our world. We all can do our bit to change that. This is mine.

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