I woke up at six. I was dreaming about you. It is a pleasure when I can see you in my dreams. I don’t remember details, but I remember your hands. You have very nice, sweet, small hands. I like them.

Your hands are so wonderful. You can play piano. You cook. You write the marvelous letters. You caress me. When you touch me I can feel their softness and energy. I miss you. I like to see your hands without any rings or cream. One time I remember you used a cream with honey. You had very sticky hands. Where you touched me I felt the smell of honey and stickiness.

Every time when we walk together I am trying to keep your warm hand inside mine. I like to feel your warm, I like to hold you and support.

I adore you my girl. I can’t think about anything! You are in my mind.

Tesoro, have a good day. I will phone you today. There is nothing better than hear your voice! It is the best music for me.

When I do a workout I don’t think. My head is clear from any thoughts, doubts, expectations, hope. I just do my exercise. I like this condition, just movement. I feel my muscles, ligaments, pain in my hands, beats of my heart. I feel my body, I don’t have any thoughts.

I was a bit gloomy from yesterday. You know sometimes it happens with me. I try to eradicate those mood from myself. You are my treatment. When I write for you I feel that I can breath easily with full chest. My heart beats so fast, it can jump outside of my chest. I think it isn’t correct expression, but who cares. I write for you, only you read my letters. Sometimes I can write long letters, sometimes not. I want to tell you so much things.

There are not enough words to describe my thoughts about you. There are not enough flowers to express my love. I give you flowers with occasion and without. We will have always the fresh flowers. Roses! I like them a lot, in spring I will give you pink tulips!

I love you!

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