Hi Darling.

Sorry, I couldn’t write you before. I was ill. I have started to feel badly from yesterday. Today I am better, but still have some symptoms, nothing serious. Don’t worry.

I want to write you about my time. I almost don’t have enough time. I feel that days are very short. I work any time when I can. Today I worked hardly in the morning. I need to return to my language lessons too. I didn’t read or study anything from yesterday. I have only one excuse — my sickness. I am going to over study today.

Sometimes I feel my brain gets to its limit. Sometimes I feel limitless. Why does it happen? Perhaps because of my mood. My mood is not stable, it jumps from gloomy to bright sunny days. It looks like a mood disorder, but it is not. It is just my sickness.

Ok, stop talking about myself. Tell me, how are you? Is everything fine? I am worried when I don’t get your answers. I know you are busy as always. Ma, per favore, ricordi of your health! It is important for me and for you. How are our friends?

I try to get new friends here, you know it is not a piece of cake for me. But I found some interesting people around. Soon I will introduce them to you.

Right now I would like to take a nap, I didn’t sleep well last night. I had too many thoughts, this is my problem! I have too many thoughts! :)

Hugs and kisses my Love.

Always your, A.

PS. I love you more than yesterday. Love you ;)