I can’t live without you

Ciao la mia Topina! Non voglio vivere senza te. Ti penso ogni giorni. Tesoro, sei il mio cuore, sei il mio dolore. Ti amo come sei. Ti amo ieri, oggi e domani. Ti voglio. Ti voglio tanto…

Tesoro, I wish to write you, I wish to call you. You know it, I can’t do it. I hate this “can’t”! I will go after you. I will find and get you from any place and time.

On weekend I went for a date. I did not want it. But I had to. You know my obstacles. It was a disaster. I did not see that woman. I saw you. When I spoke I spoke with you. I was thinking only of you. I don’t regret about that date, I regret only about us.

I wish I wake up tomorrow not here, but one year ago. I wish I keep you in my arms. I wish I ask you again. And this time you say to me the proper answer.

I love you. Nothing matters! You are the most important part of me. You are my family. I realized that you were my family. I love you, I will love you!