Le finestre

You taught me an interesting game. When we were walking in the evening in a park close to your house, you told me about it. You like to look at the windows, some of them are with light behind, some are closed with curtains, some are dark. But behind each window there is a story. You want to know a story behind the windows. You try to guess the story, using own imagination.

There are all emotions behind the windows: sadness, happiness, anger, love… fate of the people. We played this game together. One time we thought about the real game, it could be a quest where a player is trying to understand a story with only one view, one phrase. I remember that time together.

The old man is reading a fairytail story to a child…

A man and a woman are looking on each other…

The couple is making love…

A woman is crying in bed, she is holding her dog…

There are so many stories, some of them are just usual slices of life, some are unique. What makes them unique? I think everything, even a boring story, contains mystery and something inside.

Do you remember our walking in the park? Our conversations? We laughed, kissed… I remember everything like it was yesterday. I still remember your smell. I remember how soft your golden hair was.

Mi manchi tanto.

I play this game alone, I like to walk around my apartment at night. I like to think about people behind the walls and windows. Who are they? I don’t know them. I don’t even know my neighbors.

I want to take your arm and walk along a canal in the evening. I want to listen to your voice. I want to kiss you and look at your eyes with reflections of further stars. I would like to read a poem for you. I want to play with you. I miss our imagination games.


PS. Good night. Buona notte Tesoro. I will always think of you! I will find you across the river.

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