The mugs

Ciao cara!

I suddenly remembered about our mugs. You bought almost identical white mugs for both of us. They have the same shape, a bit different size and different words on them. You bought them in England. I was happy to get my mug from you. I didn’t want to take it from our home, I knew that my mug is always on the same place.

We like tea. We like different types of tea. I especially like that fantastic tea from London. Do you remember it? You made it with a spoon of wild honey. I forgot the name of it. You brought me the mug of hot tea while I was busy. Every time when I drank it I thought of you. Thank you, my Love. “Do you want tea?” you asked me.

I brought you tea too. It is finished.

One time I presented you with a special mug. It was a Japanese mug in a shape of cat’s head. It is not useful and it is easy to use a normal mug instead of it, but I am glad that You have it.

We don’t drink coffee. You don’t like the smell of coffee, it is too strong for you. I used to like coffee before I met you. Now I drink coffee only for company, not for the taste. I shared the same tastes with you.

You changed me, did you notice? I like minestrone, salads (even without tomatoes), French… Did I change you? I think so, I am happy to make your days happy. I don’t like to repeat the same words, but it happens with me.

Our mugs are together. They are still inside the kitchen.

Your clumsy, space cadet.

PS. Take care. I am always with you.

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