This is a strange picture, this couple looks like us. I always wear a blue jacket and you have a black jacket.

Topina, tell me what love is? I want to hear your opinion. Then I will write you mine. I am very sleepy now, it is better to sleep… love you!

It is morning. It is still dark outside. I woke up, I had a nightmare. I am wet of sweat. As soon as I woke up I wanted to write you. I was worried of you. Please, be careful. I must know you are fine. It was just a nightmare. I know you are fine. You already at work. How is your work by the way?

I want to look inside your eyes. Sometimes I see their not you, I see different person. I see a small girl with golden hair and marvelous smile. She is hiding inside you, you keep her under thousand of doors. You protect her from outside. But I saw her. Why do you put her in prison inside yourself? I asked and you didn’t answer. I can only imagine why. Perhaps you won’t never tell me about it. I hope one day you will trust me enough to open your heart and all the doors will be open, and the girl will be free. Maybe, it is just my imagination.

Love, take care and be careful!

Always A.

I feel so alive now! I am going to the gym: running, push-ups and abs. Do you go to the gym regularly?

I want to tell you: “Sorry!” You know why. “Antonio, caduto.” The last phrase was about me. Tesoro, thank you that you are with me. You make my days warm and happy. You are my sunny girl. Each time when I write you I want to tell you how important you are.

I have never told you about my problems. Today my grandma told us that her best friend (she knew that woman from childhood) suddenly died. Grandma was crying. I knew her friend too. My mom cried. It is very sad. She had not so good life, at least last years she was quite happy…

My dad has problems with his heart… I am worried about him.

I fed up today… I want to hug you. Tesoro, I am glad I have you. Today I share something about my family, I always protected you from any bad news. Today I want to become a little bit close to you.

Topina, ti amo sempre! Ti penso! Ti aspetto!

I didn’t want to write you all these things. You have your own problems. Remember, you can share your problems with me. I will try to help you with them.

Tesoro mio, smile for me. Look to the mirror and see me their. I am always close to you, I will never leave you. You are always in my mind!

I am in bed. I was thinking of you all my day. My mind is empty. I am tired and I want to sleep. Tesorino, ti aspetto…

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