Ti penso

I wish to know you a long time ago. I wish to meet you when you just entered at the university. I want to take your hand and smile. I want to run with you along the town, kiss you under the rain, hug and dance with you. I understand how much time costs. Our time together was an eternity and it was so short. It was not enough for me and for you. I think of you.

I found your name in my contacts. I remembered how I phoned you, how happy we were to hear each other. Everything is important. I remember your “Uffa”. It was a strange sound for me, for you it was usual. You are my Heidi. I love you my darling, my treasure. I will remember you always. I will do as much as can for you even now. I will…

I think of you.

I want to say “Buongiorno” and see smile on your face.