Ciao Topina. I woke up several minutes ago. I am still in bed. I had a dream about us. I wanted to write you some lines as soon as possible. What do you think if we go to Portugal next summer? Only you and I, and we leave our cellphones and laptops at home. You may ask me why? The reason is so obvious, sometimes we spend too much time with our technological stuff and we simply forget about our dialogs and time together. I still remember those days when you had your old cellphone. You could only phone and send texts. I opened you to the world of modern communications with messengers. Sometimes I think it was not wise, emails are better, because when we write emails we express ourselves in the best way. We don’t write just few lines to check that you are alive. We send emails and we don’t have an opportunity to check the delivery and reading status, we simply write them and we are waiting for a response with the pleasure, anxiety. Now I see that modern communication kills conversation. Don’t think that I’m completely against anything modern, of course No. But with you I am going to use emails; messengers only for urgent situations! I like to write you letters, email.

I have your postcard, you gave it to me on 14th February. You wrote me very sweet words. Thank you! Love you so much. We will spend all our future St. Valentine days together!

Amore, ti penso sempre. I miss your sweet emails.

It is time to get up! I will write you later. Kisses!


I have some time to write you. I am going to work. As always you fill my day and thoughts with warmth and love. Amore, next time I want to hug you forever. It is not a mistake. I mean forever! Don’t laugh! You know that it is true.

Do you like pink roses?

Soon my dad is going to have a birthday. I think what present get for him. Could you give me any advice? I know you will tell me: “Perfume!” It is a universal gift, but I want to give him something special?! Ok, I am going to think about it.

Tesoro, I miss you so much, each day without you is empty. I need You. You are my Star!

Take care and don’t do anything stupid! I will take care of myself.

Your, space cadet!

PS. Caress our pets for me. :)

I want to write you some thoughts before going to sleep. I was looking for a new job, and I found one offer, I can get it soon. I don’t want to tell you right now about it. It will be a surprise. I know you don’t like surprises :) Wait a little bit. Please.

Tesoro, I am listening an aria from the opera “Madama Butterfly”. It is fantastic. I miss your voice so much. Good night my little Angel.

Always yours, A.

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