We Are All Connected

In a culture where we fight to be our individual selves it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that we are truly connected to each other. Consider that little voice inside of you that nudges you to call someone whom you have not spoken to in a while. Why did that idea come to you? I believe it is a sign of our connection. I make an effort to reach out to the person when I get that nudge, and often I am rewarded.

Today I thought of a guy I know named, Fred. I was not sure why because we only know each other casually and I was actually feeling a bit down. I wondered what he needed me to say to him. I thought, “Was he going through something and needed my help?” I didn’t think I had anything to say to Fred. I almost ignored the idea because I was quite certain he would hear the melancholy tone in my voice if we spoke via phone or even text. Despite my feelings I sent him a text, inviting him over to visit me. Upon his arrival he of course immediately sensed my low energy. He held my hand and we talked. He shared some ideas with me and before long I was smiling and he commented that my energy had shifted tremendously during his visit. As I think back on it, he didn’t say anything that was life changing. He just agreed to be present with me. I realize now that the nudge was for me. I needed what Fred had to say today.

We are connected, we can live more fully if we agree to be.

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