How to Pay Less for Sirius XM

Interested in paying less for your Sirius subscription? Here’s an easy one…

Like lots of services these days, Sirius charges you for the pleasure of being able to listen to pretty much exactly the style of music you want at any given moment — all in super-duper digital quality, and with no ads.

Problem is, if you just sit back and wait to be billed the outrageous fees every month, well, you’re playing yourself, as the saying goes.

The dirty little secret with Sirius is that all you have to do pay less is…ask.

You have to play a little game with them first, but if you’re OK with this painless back-and-forth routine every five months or so, you’ll save some decent coin.

Assuming you want to keep the service and not cancel outright, here are the steps…

How it works: A few days prior to renewal, call customer service. (Note: you can’t do this online, or via email, only by phone) and use the automated prompts to “cancel service.” At this point you’ll be taken to the cancellation department, which is just a customer service representative who’s sole purpose is to get you to stick with the service.

They’ll ask why you want to cancel (even though you don’t, really). You’ll tell them it’s too expensive. At this point the rep. will say they understand and may ask you what you like about the service, or what your favorite channel is. This is just a sales tactic to get you to reconnect with what you love about Sirius, and thereby not want to cancel.

They’ll ask if a lower price would get you to stay, or something similar. You’ll say maybe. They’ll quote you a price, and while it may be better than what you’re now paying — you’ll still decline, claiming it’s too expensive.

They’ll then find another rate option, which may be a bit better. You’ll again decline.

They’ll miraculously then claim that you qualify for a super special rate, which at the time of my last renewal was $25 for five months of service. (I have the Sirius “Select” subscription — which does not include streaming, or any of the add-on channels.)

This is likely the best they can do, but feel free to continue to push. You don’t risk anything by asking, and they do not want to lose you as a customer.

If they don’t come back with a lower rate, then you’ve gone as low as you can. Go ahead and accept.

You’ll need to go through this routine every 5–6 months, of course, because when it renews again it will be at whatever the normal monthly rate is.

Set several reminders to call back a few days before the next renewal.

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