The Social Media Persona

A social media presence is an essential piece for the spread of information today. There are many ways to interact through social media, some are good, some are bad. So how do you know if the way you are using social media is good or more importantly effective?

Let’s tackle this issue by examining two journalists from WCIV in Charleston SC a station that I spoke about in a previous blog. I will be looking at the twitter accounts of photojournalist Tony Tassarotti and journalist Caroline Balchunas.

Both of these journalists use Twitter in a similar manner. Tassarotti, as a photojournalist, leans heavily on the use of photos by including them in nearly every post that he has. Balchunas has more variety when it comes to how she uses Twitter. She will post things with photos, just text and interacts with others through retweets often.

They both use twitter fairly well, but Caroline Balchunas, in my opinion, uses it better than Tassarotti. She posts frequently and interacts with other users. She also uses a variety of different way to get information out there and I think that it is extremely important to be able to use different methods on a single platform.

Since this post is examining an online presence it is interesting to see how I, Matthew Seaver, appear when searched for. So I opened a private window and this is what I found.

Since I am not a well known public figure there is unsurprisingly no hits on the first page of google that are me. There are many other Matthew Seavers that show up, but none are me. At the time of writing this, the first hit that is actually me is at the bottom of the second page of google with a link to articles by me for the college newspaper.

I was honestly surprised to find something relating to me that early when searching for myself. I don’t use social media all that much and I tend to try and minimize my digital footprint. I do like that it is a more professional match rather than my personal social media accounts. It does though give me pause as to how to allow for a professional presence to remain the first results for me.

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