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The chance.

I came to Medium to get a chance to show my work. I also was very new at trying to do my writing professionally. It has been quite a workout for me. In just a few weeks my followers grew from a handful to so many. It brought me to tears to see how many people were giving me a chance. Still, I felt guilty for leaving my blog unattended for more than a few days.

In fact, I wrote a post and imported it here about where I went. I have virtually things were moving faster than I could imagine. I have thought about being a member for another month but felt I wanted to continue with my stories without it. I have read over a hundred posts and felt like I knew people. The best thing is it inspired me to improve my skills and get more posts under my belt. I will continue posting and importing as the days come. The best thing is I can say I tried and went beyond my hopes. I want to thank Brian Kurian for reaching out to me on social media. Your tweet almost brought me to tears (in a good way of course). I will see you all soon via the web.

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