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It seems like everybody wants their apps to run faster and faster. Hundreds of posts on application performance are published every year. But articles about creating applications quickly are pretty rare to find. That’s a pity because when push comes to shove this is what counts for business. Development productivity is the knowledge which allows you to tell a CTO/tech lead apart from a regular developer. Let’s talk about it then. In this post, we describe 3 modern software development approaches you can use to deliver features like a well-oiled assembly line.

Speed of delivery is key to winning in…

Heroku and Early Days

The story of Voucherify begins in 2015. While working with one of the fast-growing startups in Berlin, Book A Tiger, the team discovered the need for an API-first coupon management system. But it wasn’t the only thing they took away. Book A Tiger also taught them how to successfully ship software in a fast-paced environment. Their platform was based on Heroku and Salesforce all the way.

From the get-go, Voucherify team hosted all of their services on Heroku Platform shared machines. The fast deployment process and the cost-effective setup was particularly useful to launch and test new features with the…

Change is coming for agencies. Digital transformation is pushing them into the arms of marketing technology vendors. To woo local experts, SaaS MarTech giants are coming up with partner programs full of financial and branding incentives. But what’s on the first sight looks like a win often hurt agencies, business relationships in the long run. Why so? And what marketing agencies can do to stay relevant in the digital market? Read on.

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Substance or suspect?

On the face of it, a partnership with a large Martech vendor brings an agency great profit. New leads, cross-promotion, affiliate fee, discounts, exclusive knowledge resources and better support for the end-client. Its enough reason for management to consider enrolling in such a venture. All the more reason to do so, when competitors have already published their partner certificates and badges.

But before you catch fire, let’s go through the points which massive Martech vendors don’t publish in their polished offers.

Massive investment

Before you can tap into partnership fruits, large marketing automation vendors require agencies to get certificates. Taking courses and…

The WHY part of the customer retention strategy discussion is mostly clear today. What’s interesting for marketers and product managers nowadays is how to put the strategy to work. In other words, how to connect the various departments, data stores, and CRM tools in a way that yields increased customer lifetime value. In this article, we’ll go through modern customer retention program tactics, in particular, how you can incentivize them to influence customer lifetime value and what it takes to implement this.

Looking for personalized customer acquisition tactics? …

A/B testing is, without doubt, a must-have thing in the tool belt of any product manager. Tech giants like Netflix or Pinterest invest a small fortune into highly customized user experiment platforms. Smaller projects end up integrating limited in functionality but easy to deploy SaaS tools like Optimizely or VWO. Is there a middle ground? In this note, I’d like to present 3 affordable cloud tools which can help you build the right product by enabling advanced A/B tests throughout the customer journey.

Testing SEO

Let’s start off with the acquisition part; successful online products cannot skip search engine optimization in their…

Every e-commerce needs a loyalty management system. Period. Today, when customers hop across to other brands just because of a single coupon, you have to equip your marketing team with the tools to fight back. Tailored loyalty software is one of those tools. Here are some substantial features a good loyalty platform should have.

Consumers are tired of irrelevant mass-offers they’ve been bombed with all day long. If you want to win their attention and increase your chances of driving repeat purchases, your messaging has to be human and feel familiar to them. How to achieve this? It’s as easy as:

  • remember some facts and dates (and sometimes whereabouts) relative to them,
  • invite them into an incentive,
  • deliver to a customer at the right time.

Do it regularly, on a regular basis and for the whole customer base, and you’ve just built a basis for a loyalty program.

Let’s drill this down a little…

A 2018 study by dealnerd provides two insights marketers cannot afford to miss: 47 percent of respondents prefer to shop using mobile devices but at the same time, 84 percent have abandoned an e-commerce purchase because of problems with checking out. The numbers support a trend we’ve all seen for a while. People shop using their smartphones and they demand that every part of the purchase journey is mobile-ready. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can prepare your promotional campaigns, like coupons and online discounts, to be effective on mobile.

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The same study claims that 26 percent prefer…

An interview with our CEO, Tom.

So far, Voucherify has helped companies of every size build personalized marketing campaigns which required promo codes, what sparked your interest for introducing auto-applied discounts?

- Our customers claim that coupon and referral codes are a great way to acquire and convert first-time customers. At the same time, they’ve expressed the need for a retention increase tool. Seeing our dynamic segments in action, they wished they had similar tools to display incentives to shoppers the moment they enter their online store, without the need for coupon codes.‍

What was the reason behind this?

We’ve recently crossed the 100k ARR mark for Voucherify. Although we’re still at the beginning of our journey, we have discovered a handful of things on how SaaS (and software in general) marketing works. We have listed some of these points in the last article about product marketing but today, we want to focus on insights about selling high-tech products to mainstream customers.

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When we set out to create Voucherify — an API-first platform offering programmable building blocks for promotional campaigns — we pictured our ideal target as the following:

  • is a middle-sized business with a splash of large businesses,

The surge in ad blocker usage and skyrocketing amounts of time consumers now spend on social media has led to a recent boom in influencer marketing. Klear reported that the number of influencer posts doubled between 2016 and 2017 on Instagram alone — to more than 1.5 million posts worldwide. Coming up with a promotion idea and researching appropriate influencers is a prerequisite of every successful campaign. But there’s also one more step which has an even larger impact on the overall campaign performance and it’s often missed — controlling promotional budget spend and measuring campaign ROI. …

Mike Sedzielewski

Co-founder, Voucherify

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