4 Lessons Conor McGregor learns us

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You can learn something of every successful individual. Unregarded if that individual is an athlete, a politician or a businessman.

In the last couple of days you must’ve heard of the Mayweather vs McGregor-conferences. So, with me really looking forward to the fight, I followed all four conferences.

I was very impressed by Conor McGregor’s ability to sell himself and the fight. So I did some research about him and I’ve written down the things I learned.

#1 It’s all about believing in yourself

The one thing that stands out is the believe that he has in himself. Even when he was younger and was collecting welfare he always believed that he would be the UFC-champion.

He even believes so much in himself that he’s convinced he’ll beat Mayweather, one of the greatest boxer of all time. He’s willing to fight Mayweather under all the conditions and wishes Mayweather has. Conor McGregor doesn’t care. He’ll defeat him under every circumstances.

So, if you’ve to learn one thing of Conor McGregor; believe in yourself. You can do whatever you want.

#2 Law of attraction

Just as much Conor McGregor believes in himself, he also believes that much in the law of attraction. A simple definition of this law; You attract what you believe and what you feel.

If you believe in good things and you feel good vibes, you’ll attract good things.


One important thing in the law of attraction is visualizing. You have to visualize your successes, long before they actually happen. The more precise you visualize the bigger the chance your visualisation will manifest itself into reality.

Conor McGregor visualizes everything. Before some of his fights he already tells in which round and in what way he’ll KO the other. It’s the same with his fight with Mayweather. Conor McGregor already told multiple times that he’ll KO Mayweather within 4 rounds.

He sees that moment over and over again in his head. When Conor McGregor was younger and was experimenting with the law of attraction he even visualized empty parking spaces when he drove into garages.

So, when you know what you want, visualize yourself already having this. Do this every day.


The other thing that is important in the law of attraction is being grateful and sending good vibes into the universe. If you’ve good thoughts but you’re feeling bad, the law of attraction won’t work. So it’s important you also have good feelings.

Conor McGregor always talks about being grateful and enjoying the moment.

So, make sure you enjoy yourself and that you’re always grateful for what you have while you pursue what you want. Pay attention to your feelings and try to make those as good as possible.

#3 Have a small, but awesome circle around you and take care of it

Conor McGregor has a small circle with dear friends and family members. There are a very few people who has his phone number. It isn’t about the size of your circle, but it’s about the quality of your circle.

No one goes in or out his circle. Having such small, but awesome circle helps him to do what he does. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks, so long his circle stands behind him.

Because his small circle means so much to Conor McGregor he makes sure they don’t lack anything. He shares all his successes with his circle. He wants them to live the good life too.

So, when you want to reach your goals, make sure you have a small circle around you with people where you can be completely yourself and with people who support you. Tell them everything. Don’t care about other people being negative and only care about your small circle.

#4 Play hard, but work harder

The last, but perhaps the most important lesson I learned from Conor McGregor is that you’ve to be the most hard-working person you know.

Since Conor McGregor had decided that he wanted to be the number 1 MMA-fighter he works his butt off. As he says; He’s the hardest working person inside and outside octagon.

His self-confidence comes from his workethic. Due to his workethic he knows what he can, which builds his confidence.

So, make sure you always work hard towards the thing you want. You can’t get what you want without having the right workethic.

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