Stay motivated.. Always. With these 5 methods

Perhaps you know the feeling.. you’re ambitious and you’ve got a big goal to reach. But there are some times you feel less motivated, less rich of energy and you hustle less.

Maybe you even have thoughts like: ‘Man, I won’t reach my dreams. Maybe I aim too high’. These are difficult times, because you always have a deep desire to live your dream.

There are some methods that will keep you motivated in those times. These methods pull you out of the valley, so you could chase your dream.

  1. Accept life is winters and summers

This is possibly the biggest win you can make. Accept there are winters in life, where things go bad, and accept there are summers in life, where things go well.

If it’s winter in your life, accept that. Don’t try to fight it and don’t pretend it’s summer. You don’t have to pretend everything is going well. This will cost you a lot of energy. You’ll only feel more tired and less motivated.

Know it may be winter now, but it will always be summer again. Don’t dwell on it. Just keep going. Times will be better.

2. Embrace your own journey

One thing I learned from Paulo Coelho’s book ‘The Alchemist’ is; everyone has his own legend (journey).

So many people are always seeing what they don’t have and only see what others have. I’m sure you know thoughts like this:

‘He’s so lucky. His parents help him with everything and that’s why he’s more successful than me.’

‘Why is this happening to me and not to her.’

‘Success comes so easy to him. I struggle hard to have some little success.’.

Thoughts like this means you’re not focusing on your own journey. You’ve your own legend. Things happen to you. It makes your journey unique. Embrace those things and you’ll embrace your journey.

Some people will have success in 1 year, some in 40 years. There is not one right way. Your journey is only suited for you, so make sure you live it to the fullest. Even if you’ve some setbacks.

3. Write down the things your grateful for

If you’re feeling bad, just be aware things could always be worse. There are always people that have it worse than you. If you can eat every day and you’ve a roof above your head, you’re lucky. There are so many people who are more than willingly to trade with you.

Where focus goes, energy goes. So if you focus on the ‘poor you’, you’ll feel as the poor you. Write down the things you’re grateful for. This could be everything, like: ‘I’m happy to live.’, ‘I’m happy that I have a job’. ‘I’m grateful to know X’, ‘I’m grateful for my health.’.

You’ll notice your mood will be better. Perhaps it feels so good that you make it a daily practice.

4. Don’t value other people’s POV

One of the biggest reason why people stop chasing their dreams, is other people’s opinions. This could be people who say you’re aiming too high. People who say you’ll never reach your dreams.

But it could also be the other people’s POV in your head. You could be scared of the things people could say. This are thoughts like: ‘What will they say if I fail.’, ‘What will they think if I do this’.

Both ways will effect your mental state in a negative way. ‘Don’t value other people’s POV’ is an easy thing to say, but it’s much harder to execute.

You have to find your own way to cut off their opinions. Everyone has their own way. I always like this thought: People who hate or envy you are not happy with their own lives. If they have time to invest in you it says a lot more about them than about you. They don’t follow their dreams, so they hate people who do.

5. Live like you already have what you want

Maybe you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. If you don’t, it means: You attract what’s on your mind. Your thoughts can manifest itself into things. But besides of this, the Law of Attraction could be a motivational thing.

If you live your life like you already have what you want, you’ll be extra motivated. Try to feel like you’ll feel as you reached your goals. Try to visualize your sportscar if you ride your own old junk car. Try to visualize the big paycheck you want if you get the paycheck of your parttime job.

See yourself as the person you want to be. It will motivate you. And perhaps, if you believe in the Law of Attraction, it will help you to manifest your thoughts. Good luck!

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