Merge mining, gas optimizations and letting small miners mine

Pools and solo miners will be able to set a difficulty factor. High difficulty factors will let mining pools save ethereum costs on gas by batching mints and small miners will be able to make many small on chain mint requests for micro blocks.

Some technical train of thoughts below:

Set a difficulty factor

  • For my pool I will choose 10
  • For a small miner you may want 1/100
  • This is settable once per miner address and cannot be changed (This fixes the bonkers difficulty gaming issue that the pools had)

When you call merge you include the nonce you just mined with

You have to call merge before mining the 0xbitcoin block

The token contract takes the challenge from the 0xbitcoin contract

It mints and compares the target based on the difficulty factor

The contract rewards tokens based on the difficulty ratio factor

  • Big pools can save gas by setting a big mining multiple
  • Small mines can mine tiny chunks at a time