The Ultimate Engine in the Social Arena

When I wrote the original article on the Append App, I didn’t know that the earth’s axis would shift causing my inbox to flood with a tsunami of messages ranging from happy readers and thumb’s up, to disgruntled soccer moms and thumb’s up my derriere, “ouch!” I am not sure if it was from the encouraging response, or from my rebel spirit reacting to my digital booty call, or just the simple fact that I love this app, but I have decided to continue writing on AppendMe and make a little series out of this. Perhaps this time I will be more sensitive towards proud parents, BeFunky haters, and those who are overly attached to Facebook, but I doubt it — if you want censorship or the same ole’ same ole’, then go hang your hammer and sickle flag and get back on Myspace.

Listen, let’s keep it real folks, this app was built for you, and with you in mind every step of the way, from its user-friendliness, mad functionality, to the very best in privacy / security. The creators of AppendMe are a married couple just like all other married couples, but just a bit cooler. No, seriously, I talked to the guy…He’s one cool cat — long hair and everything…Not like a Kenny Powers mullet, but more like the Inca version of Apocalypto.

Enrico Torres and his wife Marlena are emphatic of not making AppendMe about advertising or fees and promises not to sell-out to a corporate giant — although his fingers could have been crossed behind his back, not sure. Nonetheless, their vision for a less smammy / annoying social space, unwavering determination, and a straightforward focus on easy-to-use functions was the perfect formula to release the creativity needed to build the ultimate engine in the social arena.

The original blueprints for this app had one main direction, to build something that would take away the inconveniences we have today on all our devices, switching back and forth from app to app for various reasons. Let’s face it, if you want to post a video, first click out of Facebook and open your camera / video app, now go to back to FB or YouTube and upload your video. AppendMe has it’s own video camera built in, therefore eliminating at least three steps — a much more efficient tool. That’s one example of many, but I can’t tell you all of them in this article, because you’d be reading for quite some time, and I’d be screwing myself for the rest of this series.

Their commitment to this app is apparent as he discussed some future plans that sounded sick, and if their developers can pull off half of these functions, y’all be dancing in the streets like Snoopy’s Peanut Gang. It will be interesting to sit back and watch the AppendMe Team orchestrate a social app symphony that will continue to grow in function and in fan-base.

The process to get started is pretty straightforward. Go to your app store and search AppendMe and download it. Join, set your profile on your About Me page and get started using their awesome AppendMe wheel that can be accessed from hitting the + sign that is located at the top-center of each main page. Make some posts and invite some friends, and send me a friend request @elsid.

On that note, I will leave this article in confidence and with a special thanks to all you who sent in encouragement and smiley faces. For all you sensitive folks, don’t be a hater — be a lover, just not with my backside is all I ask.

Muchas Gracias,
Elizabeth Alexandra