Why you should become (or not) my technical cofounder.

If you are reading this in medium then this is a good start. Do you come here often? Do you like the fact that people have a way to express themselves without maintaining a blog? Sure enough, some people have a better way with words than others. And this is the reason why some decide to write books, some others write in magazines and some others just in blogs.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you imagined all types of different worlds where you played? Did you and your friends build them together? At one point in our lives we were told we didn’t have the ability to put our stories into words (at least the way society wants) and we gave up.

If you are as passionate as I am about giving anyone an easy way to share stories no matter how good writers they are, then you can continue reading because I want you to be part of something big!

Passion is a good start but not enough

Being passionate about the problem is just the first item in the checklist. Additionally, here are some of the main things you need:

1) You know that technology is just a tool and not the main product. You need to be willing to learn and try new languages if needed.

2) You’ve managed people before. You have the technical capabilities to build and lead a team of mobile developers as we build a MVP.

3) You have built something in the past and know what NOT to do.

4) You know how to code, yes, but most importantly, you know how to work on the big picture, vision and creating plans.

5) You have a lot of engineer friends who you can ask when the time comes to hire team members.

Nodded at least 4 times? Then contact me because I really want to know you! Let’s change the creative industry together and build something amazing !

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