Simon Sinek’s Thoughts On Millennials Are Like Long, Gassy Farts
Nandini Jammi

I’m 60, with friends and an adult child of this age, and Sinek’s take just doesn’t ring true at all. Their generation, or basically everyone below the age of 40 right now, has been dealt a bad hand, economically speaking. The race to the bottom in terms of wages has put us all in danger, including those my age who are re-entering the workforce, and looking in shock at what we have to do to earn ten bucks an hour. So if you can get personal gratification from that avocado toast, indulge and enjoy. Me, I’m living on about 9k a year, so I totally get the view from the bottom — it feels so completely hopeless, those murrikan dream goals of homeownership, independence, and having a little more than what you need to barely survive. I would love to see a new wave of labor unions, rebuilt using their tech savvy and networking abilities.

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