Hillary Hatred: What It Is, What It Isn't and Why It Matters. HH -30

Hillary During 11 Hours of Testimony at the House Benghazi Committee

Hillary Hatred is a fear and hatred of Hillary Clinton that goes beyond personal dislike, disagreement over policy, or political partisanship. It is not confined to Alt Right or Fox News. Since it emerged as national phenomenon in 1992, it has been driven by establishment media, including and especially the New York Times, as much at is has by GOP-led congressional investigations and right-wing operators such as David Bossie and Peter Schweizer. The damage it has already done to American society is severe. Whatever the results of the November 8th election, it will continue to take a toll, until and unless American society finally and definitely rejects it.

If Donald Trump prevails in the election, the consequences are grim enough that, since Trump began to rise in the polls in September, the establishment media, which had been happily propounding the notion that Hillary was a liar and fraud (based on a never-ending series of innuendo-driven stories deriving from the anti-Clinton hatchet job called Clinton Cash), became desperate. The Times and the Washington Post turned their op-ed pages into hysterical attacks on Trump, all the while denying their own role in making the race competitive in the first place.

If Hillary wins but the GOP retains control of the Senate (where it has already refused to give a Supreme Court Justice nominee a hearing or vote) and/or the House (where the House leadership has already indicated it will continue indefinitely its hearings into alleged Hillary criminality), the society-wide phenomenon of Hillary hatred will be partially responsible. The press, the GOP, and the extremist world of right-wing billionaire financed anti-Clinton operatives will have eight more years to vindicate their failure to bring down the Clintons in the 1990’s. The effort by House republicans to impeach President Hillary Clinton will begin as soon as the new Congress convenes.

Little of this is Hillary's fault. Should she have never made a significant mistake in judgment, such as voting in favor of the Iraq war resolution and using a private email-server when Secretary of State? Of course.

Could she have been more politically savvy in attempting to move beyond societal expectations of the role of the “First Lady” in the 1990’s? I don't know, but the attacks upon her for taking on tasks like developing the Clinton administration's health care reform were both misogynistic and lacking in any reasonable grounds for criticism. The notion that she was not an elected official was a transparently absurd pretext for the criticisms. The staff and advisors of a president are neither elected nor subject to congressional approval.

Should she have handled years of congressional investigations into every possible detail of her life and career, dating back to two decades before Bill Clinton became president, without getting caught in a contradiction or prevarication here or there? I don't know. Years of investigations by zealous prosecutors in both the press and government, with their teams of investigators, bring up a continuous stream of "gotcha questions" over what she said on some date about what she said or did or where she was or who she was with back on some other date years ago — and with the precedent of the Whitewater stretch from a $22,000 investment in a real estate development in the 1970’s to any and every possible accusation — such questions could involve almost anything: I cannot imagine any fallible human offering perfectly consistent, clear, convincing, non-defensive, "likeable" responses to thousands of such questions over 25 years of judicial, congressional, and journalistic cross-examinations involving events stretching back as far as five decades.

My next installment of this series takes up the origins of Hillary Hatred: The thirst for Watergate revenge in the GOP and the phenomenon of Watergate Envy within the news media.

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