To start a youtube channel or not to start a youtube channel, that is the question….

Anonymity seems outdated nowadays. I mean especially for my generation (millennials). You can’t sniff without seeing someones opinions, meanderings or even what they had for dinner. I am guilty of sharing all of the above. To be honest, I accept it and embrace it with open arms. Yes, there is a lot of trash out there and the one skill we weren’t taught in school was how to discern the real from the fake. But surely that applies to all media outlets?

I recently watched this video by Double Down News and “professional controversialist”, Ishmahil Blagrove. Explaining how mainstream media is dead.

So who then, is to fill the gap? If mainstream media is to tumble in the coming decades. Who is to fill that space? Is it us?

I love this video from One Young World co-founder, Kate Robertson. She talks about young people taking their place in society

I believe that place can quite often be a platform like YouTube. There are some wonderful people on there right now from Lilly Singh, Jay Shetty and Prince EA. These channels can inspire and delight. What could be so wrong with that? But then like anyone thrust into the limelight you are exposed to scrutiny both good and bad. Would you really want to put your whole life on display for a few likes? This is where I am torn. I have got a lot to say, a whole shed load of experience. I want to share this stuff. Insight and knowledge that could potentially help other people. But then anonymity is also to be treasured to a degree. People constantly warp and change. This is a fact of life. As the waves carve out a rock so does life carve out your character.

So would you really want to turn into a brand? An individual who must conform to the pulse of society? At what point does this then compromise your freedom of speech? Let’s face it not everyone is on the same page. Things like racism, gender inequality and homophobia will always exist.

My question is, can I find my truest voice and stick to that each time I put out there? Can I remain uninfluenced by the outside? Are my thoughts worthy of a platform? And is anonymity as valuable as Banksy makes out?

Peace and pondering,


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