Blog 8 Traditional Sports Media

One of the primary topics that we covered this week in Sports Communication was traditional media in sports. One of the major take home points from this discussion, and one that definitely stood out to me was the hugely significant effect that the advancement of technology has on communication.

This idea is obviously shown in the examples we discussed in class such as the penny press, which made news and information more accessible, and the telegraph, which increased the speed, in which news and information was available. I think about these simple technological developments that drastically changed how the public got information, and then I think about the elaborate technology that is used to divulge and receive information today. Information today is so readily available today that it has even created new diseases such as one called FOMO (fear of missing out). Between the constant feed of information on social media and our smart phones always being on our hips, we currently live in a society that is obsessed with information gathering.

These constantly advancing technologies in communication make the Public Relations industry one that is always changing. PR practitioners must stay hip to all of the new technology and also distinguish which technologies are relevant and which ones are not. I think this also makes Public Relations an industry that is becoming more relevant and necessary for companies to address.

This obsession with information and how it is divulged has also made a huge change in how information is displayed to the public. Because the public is more concerned with how quickly they are getting the information, Reporters and journalist are making stories and news much more concise and media with long stories such as sports illustrated are beginning to phase out. This change in the presentation of information has affected the sports industry in a major way. We talked in class about how professional athletes now have sort of a celebrity status. A lot of their celebrity is currently based on their social media presence. You could even say that athletes celebrity relies the most on their social media presence and is directly related to how many followers they have on twitter.

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