Technology’s corrosive impact on society

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“Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun.” — Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable

Concerns regarding privacy on social media have increased after 2015. Earlier, users saw cybercriminals as their sole enemy in the digital space. However, the tide has turned as certain scandals, studies, and revelations have come to the surface.

The Cambridge Analytica Ltd. scandal

It took Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm, to spark the discussions concerning user privacy on social media networks. In 2018, media outlets broke the news that Cambridge Analytica acquired and used personal data collected from Facebook. …


Bonus: MyLibook Review

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Teaching your child how to read from an early age can be a challenge. Parenthood is overwhelming in itself, and it can be easy to lose sight of your child’s personal development in the process. However, research suggests that engaging with young children by reading, talking, and singing can stimulate cognitive development, bringing a host of benefits.

As per The American Academy of Pediatrics, children proficient in reading by the third grade are more likely to graduate high school and have a successful career. Unfortunately, 1 out of 3 children begins kindergarten without possessing the language skills required to read.

Using the right tools and books can resolve this. It can help build reading literacy in your child and contribute to early childhood education. …


A glimpse into alternative practices for natural wellbeing

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“A lot of the pain that we are dealing with are really only thoughts.”-Anonymous-

You are most likely here because holistic treatment has piqued your interest, and you seek an entry point into the diverse methodologies and practices within holistic therapy. Despair not, dear readers! For today, we shall dive into the world of alternative medicine and take a thorough look at all the benefits it carries. Let us start with the basics.

What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy — as the name suggests — is all about looking at the bigger picture. Instead of labeling someone as sick or physically/mentally unwell, holistic practices tend to regard individuals in question as a whole body and address them in terms of their overall condition. …

Governing creativity, sensitivity, sexuality, self -expression

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The days felt longer then.
Sleepless nights wasted for naught.
Was little more than a bystander when
Wishes were granted, and comfort was sought.

There was no more to it than sheer faith.
As the soft orange hand reached out
Emotion and sensuality enveloped the wraith.

As Svadishthana taught me what life was all about
That troublesome nestling finally took flight.
It expressed, and it revealed
Lust and bonds brought to light.

Svadishthana revealed — revealed what was once concealed.

For further reading:


Even when you are hanging on by a thread

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No matter the struggles we face, having trust in God is one of the only ways to keep moving forward.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3: 5–6, NIV.

As a human being, I’ve only been around for a limited number of years. I am going through life for the first time, so my lack of experience and knowledge restricts me.

While no one can or will walk the same path as me, I sometimes seek advice from those who seem to have the answers to my situations. …

Light of personal power, self-esteem, and confidence

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Indecisive, cold, forgotten
People came, and people went.

Everyone! Look how much better I’ve gotten.
I made up for those years not well-spent
A fire burns within as I continue moving
Up the hill of thorns, out of breath
The crowd cheers me on — the one that was once disapproving.

You, Manipura, made me feel whole before my inevitable death.
My blood-soaked shoes beg for me to stop.

It shall be what I want, and this is what I’ll do.
My golden will burns bright as I anticipate the view atop
Ah, Manipura! It’s all thanks to you.

For further reading on the solar plexus chakra:

Throat chakra — communication, self-expression, ability to speak truth

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Fear and hesitation
Strife and no designation
What unknowing fools we were
Not to speak up in this world that’s a blur
It was then that I said, ‘no more!’

This internal conflict I need to slay
Greatness and confidence were held in store.
Once you, Vishuddha, told me to go my own way
I long to feel once again.

That soft aquamarine touch of yours
There is just so much to gain.
From that nurturing caress of yours
That once hesitant fool has now evolved.

From a mere prisoner
And has now come to be loved.
Ah, Vishuddha! How you cause one’s courage to spur.


Cashless society declines as digital payments gain traction

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COVID-19 has shattered not all industries. There are some like Fintech that have blossomed instead.

“Ignoring technological change in a financial system based upon technology is like a mouse starving to death because someone moved their cheese.”-Chris Skinner-

The landscape of technology is transforming the financial industry, expanding access to financial services in profound ways. This sector has been slowly digitizing traditional financial processes in countries around the globe. The emergence of COVID-19 caused many industries to decline, while at the same time, it created new opportunities for the fintech industry.

A tale of the chocolate factory owner

Somewhere central in a developed country, a chocolate factory owner was put in a tight spot before the winter holiday season. One of their critical machines broke down suddenly. Consequently, the threat of losing a significant chunk of profits during the busiest part of the year loomed over their heads. …


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You were my morning sun peeping through the window.
Waking me up from a beautiful dream
You were my breeze in the evening walks.

I fell for you like autumn leaves on the path.
The clouds gathered to shower us,
Just the way I liked
Won’t you come a little closer?

And stop being water on the lotus leaf for a while
Be a raindrop drenching my soul,
Or a downpour drowning me in a pool
Kiss me in the rain
hear it roar again the window pane.

The rainbow was our guest.
Looked more like a sign than a surprise
As it takes only a few seconds to miss a moment
Before I could take my chance,
You weren’t a novice in reading my eyes. …


GiaB writing prompt #7 Man-made Wonders of the World

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A symbol of love;
An ingenious architecture built from the heart
Does the beauty of the Taj Mahal remain in the white marble,
Or in the sweet love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz?

If there is any perfect time to visit the Taj Mahal,
would it be on a full moon night?
While it surpasses its elegance;
Spreading an aura of love without any conscience

The night sky complementing the surreal beauty of Taj;
Shining like a rare gem found in a Pacific ocean
Give away a feeling of a favorite dream sequence.

Happening for real at once
How can anyone love someone,
Even after the demise of his loved one? …


Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

20+ years in Property Management, freelance writer, advocate for positive thinking, enjoy running for charity events, interested in a variety of topics

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