Could you elaborate on the mischaracterization, please?
Jonathan Sterling

“They tend to be inordinately concerned with price movements and use arguments like ‘hard forks are bad because they would hurt the price of Bitcoin!’ ”

“Perhaps the small block proponents, who openly advocate for a speculative token version of Bitcoin, devoid of utility, that they can buy, hold, and ‘wait for the price to moon’ “

“The prevailing assumption of these “profit is bad” hypocrites …”

It seems to be a far from honest characterisation of the small-blocker side, wouldn’t you agree?

Where is the discussion that small blockers actually do want Bitcoin to scale, but are more worried about the security trade-offs and so wish to do it conservatively? That they realise real scalability comes from adding layers, not by simply increasing the blocksize.

Both sides want Bitcoin to scale. It is the ‘how’ that causes disagreement.

Articles like this just add to the polarised nonsense that is prevalent on both sides of the debate.

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