Five Tips To Get Out Of Your Parents House (Again)

So you’re back with your parents and feel like all your lofty hopes have been dashed. Use these tips to set goals and exit the nest for good. Or, spend the rest of your life in fear that you didn’t take that chicken out of the freezer like your mom asked.

Take advantage of eating at home.

Cook your own food, or enjoy some good ole home cooked meals. Avoid eating out unless it’s a special occasion, though. Those happy hour wing baskets and work lunches can quickly cut into your hard-earned savings.

Ditch the sweet cheeba for now.

Being a stoner who lives in a basement is not the cliche lifestyle you should be aiming for right now. Reward yourself with a fat sack only after you’ve done the hard work of getting back on your feet. Besides, smoking leads to eating all the snacks, which in turn leads to your parents yelling at you for eating said snacks. It’s a vicious cycle.

Don’t let your day job crush your soul.

This one can be tricky, but your mom walking in on you making out in your room has given you new found zeal to stack that money and get the hell out. But now you’re working two jobs, budgeting extra hard, and rushing home to your new lover each night — your pillow. This schedule is great for saving cash, but as the weeks roll by, you realize that you haven’t practiced your instrument, written a poem, or worked on that sci-fi piece with the quickly approaching deadline. Take a few hours a week on your least busy day and do the thing you love to do. If you don’t, you risk being burnt out.

Don’t beat yourself up if you suffer a setback.

If you’re a month away from your goal and something random happens (car breaks down, caught the flu and missed work, got dumped, went on a drinking bender and put your fist through a jukebox, etc.), just push forward. Losing your job while staying with your folks can be depressing, but you’ll find something else. Also, remind yourself that having parents who’re willing provide you with a place to sleep for free — or cheap — is a bigger advantage than a lot of people have.

Talk with the parental units.

You live with them, or him…or her…but haven’t seen them for days. Secretly, the reason they let you back in is because they genuinely want to see you succeed. That’s why they put up with your music, let you borrow their car to get to work, help you out with your kid (or make sure you don’t create one under their roof), and bear the financial burden so that you don’t end up on the street. Even if their meddling is driving you up the walls, remember that those walls belong to them. At the very least you owe them a morning chat over coffee, some conversation at the the dinner table, and a big ass ‘thank you’ for all they’ve done.

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