SpongeBob Saves The Day

My name is cletus chicken farmer I woke up in a tub inside of a boat. I have stitches on me I tried to get out of the tub but then I fell down. I noticed one of my kidneys were missing,

”why is there so much blood on the floor!” I screamed.

Where am I hear the chain on my neck and my arms and my legs shaking moms spaghetti on my shirt I’m choking on moms spaghetti oh no I forgot to wash my hands my mom poisoned me and sell me to slave captures because she is poor I heard her talking about it to my uncle I thought she was lying maybe if I tell them my story they will let me be free I run up the long stairs I opened the door I see people that are different color than me I never knew people with different colors exist I tap one of them on the arm I try telling him my Mom Poisoned me and sold me to slave captures He smacked me with the big wooden thing in his hand. He followed me back to where all the other slaves were they were All laid down like the carpets we use to have in my village

He chained me up and then I lied there for weeks I refused food and i got flogged I cried I wanted to go home It smelled like everyone in the there took a shower with poop and sweat I wanted to kill myself death is better than this meanwhile at the krusty krab spongebob saw a big boat with a fishing net they were kidnapping the school of fish oh no screamed spongebob he Yelled patrick and squidward Patrick came and said whats going on spongebob squidward ignored spongebob Spongebob Said They kidnapped the school of fish we have to save them or we are going to lose our customer at the krusty krab and

mr. Krabs might fire me I love flipping patties They thought of a plan and went up the net they took the bait and went in it on purpose They were being lifted into the air whoaa said patrick I’m flying Then They got their super powers the same powers as the movie Spongebob out of water Spongebob has the power to make bubbles Patrick Loves ice cream he has the power to summon whenever he needs it We caught a big one said the captain They were disguised as a big fish then they as they went on the sailboat hey took of their costumes and the captain said “That ain’t no fish that’s a big sponge and A pointy head guy his head can be used as a weapon” The captain Said “fire” They shot the guns at spongebob and patrick Spongebob used his super awesome power to make the bullet in inside of a bubble Patrick Popped the bubble the bullet fell onto the ground “Did you hear that We are gonna be saved” said cletus chicken farmer Oh no said spongebob I’m running out of bubble juice we are gonna have to hide they ran to the top of the ship The white man Said “You can run but you can’t hide” The white man ran after them and he caught up he aimed his gun at spongebob something came out of the wooden stick and harambe jumps in front of the bullet “NOOOOOO HARAMBE” screams spongebob

yOU wiLL bE miSsEd

They ran to the staircase to look for the school of fish As they opened the the door they saw a lot of people chained up then went to try to save them squidward played his flute and the then another white man came he had a gun and he aimed it at squidward then chinchin the dark lord came to save them and zapped them “chin chin the dark lord saved us” said cletus chicken farmer then another white man shot his head then the song called boom what you say came on and then real frank came to save them and broke every chain and they were all saved they steered the ship back to africa and reunited with their family and Cletus chicken farmer got married and had kids and he died at the age of 67 the end