Why Liberals Lose
Charles Pustejovsky

Why do liberals lose? Because of articles just like this. While claiming that the problem is intellectual superiority and arrogance, you do nothing be espouse those things throughout this article. You are assuming that your (and all liberals’) positions are correct, it’s just that you can’t explain them well enough to your conservative friends and family. Heaven forbid that a conservative might actually have a valid point or be right about something. Then you go on to name-calling — “alt-right mouth-breathers.” And basically you also said that conservatives are simpletons, but what good does it do to treat them that way? You are only going to win them over if you pretend that they are as smart as you. Wow. I am sure that conservatives will read this and definitely want to pay more attention to things you have to say. I am sure they all will feel very respected and validated now. No. This article is nothing but a giant insult to conservatives and gives more examples about why it is practically impossible for liberals and conservatives to have an actual dialog. When the liberal comes at it so smugly and condescending, there is zero hope.

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