9 Slack Apps for Team Culture and Morale Building

Does your team use Slack?


As of recently, teams have been incorporating the real-time communications app, Slack, to better collaborate with their colleagues. However, what many teams do not know is that Slack has a wealth of bots, apps, and integrations from companies that you may already know and love, that can be used to make daily efforts in the workplace easier. And even more, it limits the number of external apps that companies spend thousands of dollars on yearly. But first here a short walkthrough of how to add Slack apps or integrations to your channel:

Simply use the “Add to Slack” button provided from the individual’s app as shown below:

Or go to the Slack App Directory to search for each app and use their installation button.

After installation, use the app’s provided commands to view the apps in your channels. Now that you know where and how to find them, here are 9 easy-to-use apps that make team engagement and connectivity just a bit easier:

1. Moodbit

Are you looking to increase employee engagement? Are you invested in the well-being of employees? Moodbit is definitely the right app for your team. Moodbit helps leaders get to know their team members using emotional analysis. Powered by AI, Moodbit helps analyze the emotions of your employees using speech + text recognition technology. Moodbit then provides the collected data in a dashboard that reflects the moods of your team. Furthermore, using this information, Moodbit provides predictive + prescriptive actions you can take to increase productivity and morale in your team.

2. BirthdayBot

Truthfully, no one wants their birthday to be forgotten. BirthdayBot ensures this never happens as it keeps a record of all the birthdays of your employees and then it informs all Slack members of the upcoming birthdays. This is a great way to build morale in the workplace and makes individuals feel more appreciated. Anyways, who would say no to cake and ice cream on a workday?!


3. Aloha

Do you work in an industry where there are constantly new members to your team? Sometimes getting to know new people can be hard, but integrating them into the team shouldn’t have to be. Ahola is an onboarding bot for busy admins and growing Slack teams. It helps out by sending scheduled messages through Slack to welcome new members; and it hopefully makes new members feel more a part of the team.

4. Neko by Culture Amp

Neko helps collect and share data and insights that can be used to improve team culture. It generates employee feedback through popup surveys, friendly reminders, and announcements. This bot eases the pressures and anxieties around the infamous yearly surveys that corporate entities use. Neko makes timely and constructive feedback possible without the stress. And what’s more; anyone from individuals, to teams, and managers can request feedback, creating an open office dialogue.

5. Giphy

Sometimes an image can convey something better than a word can. Add some fun in your channels with Giphy! Giphy gives you access to the world’s largest library of animated GIFS, so you can find them and share them on the web. There is nothing better than sending relatable GIFS to lighten the mood at work.


6. Icebreakers

Are you secretly wondering if your coworker is a cat or a dog person? Maybe you want to know his/her favorite color? Icebreakers could help with that. Icebreakers is a great app to help you learn more about your co-workers. Each week the app chooses a handful of coworkers and asks them questions about themselves. Then, questions and answers are published in a public channel of your choosing, along with each person’s name, role, and department.

7. Simple Poll

As you might gather from the name, Simple Poll is an app that generates polls right within Slack. It creates the poll using the content of your choice, then sends it out to requested members, and it reveals the option in which most voted. If you would like, you can also create anonymous polls where the identity of the voters will be hidden. This app helps to save some time and that effort managers put into decision-making for their team.

8. HeyTaco!

“Too often we get caught up in our work and forget to recognize each other, have a little fun, and celebrate. HeyTaco is the answer”. By including the taco emoji in your messages you can show praise and appreciation to your colleagues. Furthermore, HeyTaco provides activity leaderboards for a friendly competition to see who’s giving and receiving the most tacos. It is a simple way to increase communication and comradery in the workplace.


9. Eventbot Calendar

Create and share calendars directly within Slack, with Eventbot! The app provides a weekly summary of upcoming events and sends notifications out to invite users to RSVP. You can use Eventbot in public, private, DM, and shared channels. Thus, making it a lot easier to manage upcoming events and increase attendance without the help of external apps.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of more apps waiting to be used on the Slack App Directory with functions for all your team’s needs. Hope you enjoy!