Vote No on Jeff Sessions
Robert Garcia

The Violence Against Women Act aims to protect against violent crime, not protect against domestic violence. For example, a victim of domestic violence could be a gender other than female.

Your perception regarding crime is very odd and does not comply with federal standards of what constitutes a serious violent crime. Take your advocacy for conflating the federal crime of human trafficking into a misdemeanor “supervising a prostitute”. Even further, your support of mislabeling the trafficking of a child as “supervising a prostitute” cheats both citizen and the federal government. The FBI requires an alert when rapes and other certain violent crimes occur — and your political work undermines federal law.

Regardless of whomever maybe the next US-AG, your goose is cooked. How is a person able to ethically justify calling a child a prostitute?

Your rhetoric regarding “actively undermining” law would be laughable if it were not so utterly disturbing. Also, it is not very democratic to block people that disagree with you via social media and other forms of communication because it disturbs civic participation. There are other mayors in the United States who are being sued by citizens blocked on social media sites.

Before trying to explain federal laws, like you tried with this short explanation, maybe speak with an attorney. It is clear you are not understanding what purpose the Violence Against Women Act tries to get at, through a federal level and how your “work” violates and attempts to create a loophole from allowing certain required federal agencies from learning about the rape culture perpetuated by certain Long Beach officials.