But there is ILLEGAL immigrant crime.

Deportation for crimes such as fraud is a waste of resources and a wall isn’t going to keep cartels from smuggling dangerous drugs. (Told by a friend whose husband is in Az law enforcement: cartels have stuffed dead babies full of drugs in attempt to smuggle. Sounds extreme? They are brutal.) In Az, they’re chanting “build the wall”, yet they voted against legal marijuana for stoners who just want to sit at home and play Xbox (that’s supposed to be funny).

This makes no sense to me. Law enforcement should focus on meth/heroin smuggling and dangerous criminals who also happen to be here illegally. After the real “enemies” are under control, THEN (keyword here because resources spread too thin are less effective) go after those that don’t have legal status and give them an ultimatum: get legal or no benefits. Unless Trump has a plan for the real enemies, as an Az resident I would rather have a criminal fraudster living next door than a criminal Zeta.

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