How I Accidentally Helped Elect Donald Trump
Timothy O'Leary

No offense, but that there are so many who buy in to the infomercial sell has always fascinated me. I’ve often wondered why I am repelled by the slick, fast-talker, the televangelist-type (literally, they they make my skin crawl) and others are drawn to them. I recall watching part of Foreman’s grill thingy because he seemed real and I hate grease, but I still didn’t buy over the phone. I waited until it came out in stores.

Out of curiosity, I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into the psychology of the people who do buy in; however, it now appears that self-preservation will drive me to do my homework — assuming there is more to the personality beyond those that have and those that do not have trust issues manifested in childhood. Any books/authors you would recommend for a serious cram session?

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